Grayson Hofferber

Grayson Hofferber is the founder of Millennial Bookkeeping.  He is a financial planner and is also the President of Millennial Wealth Management.  

Grayson resides in Broomfield, CO with his wife and 3 children and is very active in the local community.  He has served as the Chairman of the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce and ran for Broomfield City Council in 2017 and 2021.  He is the founding member of HYPE: Helping Young Professionals Evolve, a networking and personal development group for young professionals in the Broomfield area.  He enjoys sports and camping and when he is not working you can find him enjoying local craft beer at one of the many area breweries, hiking in the mountains, or just hanging out with the family at one of the many local parks.

Prior to founding Millennial Bookkeeping, he held positions as a Financial Advisor at a major retail brokerage firm; Financial Consultant at a leading pension provider; and a Private Client Banker–Business Specialist for one of the most renowned banks for businesses of all sizes.  While developing a diverse knowledge base in many areas of finance, one common theme came to the surface.  Most folks know how to get things done, but most do not have the expertise to complete the task correctly or proficiently.

One thing is for certain, as an entrepreneur/ business owner you are the expert in your field and chances are that you do not want to be moonlighting as an accountant!  So, let Millennial Bookkeeping help you save time and money by taking bookkeeping off your plate.

The Certified Advisors at Millennial Bookkeeping are all experts in bookkeeping and payroll services for small and medium-sized businesses.  Give us a call today!